Armscor A2 1911 Caliber .22TCM Combo with 9mm

Armscor 1911 Pistol - 22 tcm combo with 9mm barrel.

Armscor 1911 a2-.22 TCM and 9mm Combo Specs

Finished: Blued
Action: Semi Automatic
Magazine Included: 2
Caliber: .22 TCM and 9mm
Magazine Capacity : 17 rounds
Barrel: Standard
Barrel Length: 127 mm (5 inches)
Overall Length : 217 mm (8.54 inches)
Weight, empty : 1.03 kgs.


Armscor 1911 .22 TCM Combo Description

The Armscor 22 TCM Combo is made from Philippines, it has a 2 barrel on it a caliber 9mm and .22 TCM. The Armscor 22 TCM Combo has very light recoil reaction that enabling the shooter to shoot repeat shots on target faster, when compared to the most common 9mm, .40, and .45 caliber that are carried for defense or competition. The lighter recoil allows the pistol to function with a much lighter recoil spring, enabling shooters with weaker or crippled hands to easily operate the slide of the 1911-style pistol in which the 22 TCM is chambered. Armcor 1911 a2 caliber .22 TCM pistol is a semi-auto & recoil operated action; Std. front sight mounted on dovetail cut; Adjustable snag-free style rear sight; 1.81-2.72 kg. trigger pull; Std safety; Combat hammer; High sweep beavertail grip safety; 3.17 kgs. Recoil spring and 7.71 kgs. Mainspring; Flat top serrated slide; Parkerized finish; Polymer grip stock; Pistol case; One magazines.


 About Armscor

Arms Corporation of the Philippines is the largest arms and ammunition manufacturer in SouthEast Asia. Maker of Quality Firearms and Ammunition. An ISO 9001 Certified Company. Armscor Philippines offers high quality handguns at affordable price.